Mid Atlantic Fishing Report Feb 22 2018

Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Virginia Beach & Outer Banks


Wreck fishing for seabass and tautog is the hottest fishing now in Virginia Beach. Inshore fishing has been slow but schoolie striper action is heating up. Reports coming in from feeder rivers in the bay such as the York River of decent schoolie striper action around long docks and structure.

  • Baits- Green crab for taugs
  • Seabass- Squid and jigs
  • Jigs- Heavy 8 ounce 10 ounce metal jigs

Most everyone have limited out on both seabass and tog.

Tautog -all have been 8-12 pounds

Seabass are running from 3-6 pounds

Everyone goes out 30-50 miles

The weather has been nice enough but the week before it was blowing quite a bit

A good stretch of weather here, getting out tomorrow and Monday


Minimal reports out of both inlets over the last week

Although if I had to say for myself, if you go in the backs of Rudee or Lynnhaven or areas where you have a shallow flat next to a deep channel or slew that you could find PUPPY DRUM or TROUT!


Had great puppy drum, red drum releases, too large to legally possess down south in Buxton and out at the point. Lots of BITES AND HOOK UPS!!

WITH this warmer weather the DRUM are starting to be a little less LETHARGIC and getting more active!

Now could be a good time to get down there.

If you’re itching to do some wading or get on the inshore fishing then THE DRUM BITE in the OUTER BANKS is on the RISE!


This last Tuesday EXCELLENT black sea bass, good sizes and healthy looking fish!

We are seeing Yellow fin AND black fin, (blue fin is the preferred species for commercial BOATS and have been really going after them).

Recreational is slower this year but commercial is getting on it

Pretty good weight commercial captain reported with 533 pound Blue fin after it was dressed /commercial catch

390 pound a couple ago weeks ago! Blue fin/ Commercial captain

72 inch blue fin, 383.90 in weight blue fin- Private boat that was utilizing public boat dock, they have to report catch because they are highly migratory

Blue fin is popular about these parts especially when WICKED TUNA is around doing their thing! They have reports of Yellow fin, ALTHOUGH we didn’t get weights on them.

  • BAITS: Blue, Yellow and black fin are ballyhoo
  • INSHORE BAIT- artificial for inshore, live bait menhaden and finger mullet

The  ELIZABETH RIVER and Northlanding river are reporting SCHOOLIE STRIPER CATCHES around the OLD HOT DITCH and PUNGO FERRY ROAD near BACK BAY!

Jeff and I last week traveled two hours south to NORTH CAROLINA and absolutely smacked the STRIPERS in the FEEDER CREEKS AND RIVER in the ALBARMARAL SOUND!!!!

My recommendation based off of all the information, personal experience, right now for BEST FISHING OPPORTUNITIES in our region are:

STRIPPER IN FEDER RIVER AND CREEKS down in NC!! From the Nuse river to the Roanoke river and others in the Ablemaral sound.

Jeff and I have FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE in the past week with CAPTAIN MITCHEL BLAKE, who put us on 50 plus STRIPERS totaling over 20 inches each!!


So if you want to get on some KILLER FISHING ACTION, I would recommend calling CAPTAIN MITCHEL BLAKE at IBX charters as SPRING STRIPER season is in FULL swing in NC! Between now, March and April!

Southeast Virginia FRESH WATER Report

Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait reported that Chickahominy Lake mid-day water   temps were in the low to mid 50’s in the main lake and slightly which is hot prespawn action.

The lake level was about even with the top of the dam after falling over the last several days.

The water was light to medium brown and slightly to moderately cloudy in the central lake.

Most blue cats and bullheads were on deeper flats, along drop-offs, and in channels in the main lake and scattered in creeks, and were hitting live minnows and cut bait.

Most crappie were on drop-offs and in channels in the main lake, especially near wood cover.

Crappie activity was starting to slowly pick back up, and when active, crappie were hitting live minnows,

Wright Bait Co. and Southern Pro curlytail jigs, small tubes, Kalin crappie scrubs, small swim baits, and blade baits.

Yellow and white perch were scattered or in loose aggregates on deeper flats, drop-offs, and channels in the main lake and when active were hitting live minnows, small swim baits, and small jigs.

Most bluegill were along drop-offs or in channels in the main lake and were mostly inactive, but occasionally hitting small jigs, wet flies, Nikko nymphs, small swim baits, and live worms.  Many bass and pickerel were on deeper flats, along drop-offs, or in channels in the main lake, while pickerel and a few bass were in deeper channels in creeks.

When active, bass and pickerel were hitting live minnows, spinnerbaits, swim baits, stick worms, crank baits, jerk baits, blade baits, and jigs.

Seems like Mother Nature has turned the tide from the crazy fish kill that we had, and now things are really starting to heat up!