Mid Atlantic Fishing Report Jan 16 2018

Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Virginia Beach Saltwater Report

Everybody knows about this Major fish kill all up and down the East Coast. 1,000s of fish- flounder, trout, and any fish trapped in ice struggled to survive leaving dead fish all the way south of Buxton. This is obviously very sad and another reason why our angling community is focused on conservation. Get involved with a fishing club or conservation organization because it works! This was best trout season on record and much in part to the health of the Chesapeake Bay and Lynnhaven Long Bay Point and Tackle has mentioned this has happened in recent years and the trout rebounded in big numbers so it’s not all doom and gloom. Lynnhaven reports what numbers are alive will be active this weekend with the warmer weather this weekend in the backs of Lynnhaven.

But think twice about keeping your catches to help the trout population. A little secret – the week before the cold snap was reported from Oceans East the BEST trout fishing of the entire year. So make sure y’all don’t just sit there and your pole in the attic. Fishing is happening out there Look for schooling trout in the backs of Lynnhaven and target them with slow moving baits.

Staying on with salt water if you want to get on some drum fishing slot drums are still being caught down in Buxton – so those heading out to the point are welcomed with empty beaches and catches of slot drum and over-slot drum right on the beaches and on the point. Both with live bait and artificials We still have catch and release striper and taugs near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Currently the charter captains are closed up shop for the next few months so nothing to report on for the offshore bite.

Southeast Virginia Fishing Report

Cat fishing is HOT get yourself either shad, bunker, or live eel and post up in a hole near the route 5 bridge, West Point bridge or any deep slew in James and York river and wait for the fight of your life. Maybe you’ll get yourself a new state record. For those of y’all who never tried fishing for big cats use a standard fish finder rig with a heavy weight to keep it on the bottom and a 5-7o circle hook. Live bait is most effective.

If you can cast net Shad then that’s excellent but if not then use bunker or live eel. Right now for any of y’all itching to get out to fish cat fishing is the hottest Next hottest species now is going to be crappie Crappie fishing – once you find the school Of them you’ll be on them with Beetle spins and other main crappie baits. they are more of a cold water fish and they are getting ready for their spawn which comes much earlier than bass And of course if you want to do bass fishing they are always there! During this dead of winter target warm areas of lakes, wood docks tied to deep water and main channel swings with suspending twitch baits and jigs.