Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report October 16, 2018

Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Virginia Beach, Outer Banks & Eastern North Carolina

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From the Chesapeake Bay to the Second Island, VA Beach Oceanfront down to Buxton, all of these places are catching really big Bull Drum! From the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay to Ocracoke, the Drum bite is going off! Some piers are having 20 plus fish days! The guys from the surf are also coming in with great reports.

Red Fish are being caught on the bridge and the lower bay as they are making their way down and out for their migration. With these first North winds that we’ve had, it’s really turned on the epic Red Fish bite and is in full swing right now everywhere from the Bay down to the Outerbanks. Definitely looking for those Red Fish to be holding in the bay for the next two or three weeks or so. They are making their way to the beaches and down to the Outerbanks beaches so look for them to be producing high fish days for all pier and surf anglers.

Cobia are still in the bay even though the bite is slowing down, it’s just catch and release right now since the season is over. Sheepshead are still on the pilings of the Bay Bridge Tunnel and are giving up some good catches for anglers working that area. The Bay Bridge Tunnel has been pretty solid, a lot of anglers targeting the Red Fish have done very well working the Islands and structures using a combination of cut bait and jigging with 1-2 oz jig head, Bucktails, or anything with a larger profile. Working these baits has been yielding some quality fish.

Flounder fishing is pretty hot right now in the lower bay as those fish are feeding up and making their way out. Be on the look out for large catches since they are engorging themselves preparing to move out of the bay. Continue to work your typically structures like the Bay Bridge, and some of the wrecks out front.

One of the hottest species that anglers are targeting right now are Speckled Trout as they have made their way in over the last 3 weeks. With this North blow after Hurricane Michael, has really kicked in gear that fall bite we’ve all been waiting for.  The Specks are in full swing as they have been pushing into the bay and inlets. Anglers has been catching as many fish as they want, with some days in double digits. Target them with plastics and jig heads, finding them near grass lines, jetties, riprap, and any kind of structure that sticks out there should be schools of Trout near by. Once you get into a school, you can also think about upsizing your lure and target the bigger fish in the school, along with casting to the edge of the schools to aim for the more quality size catches.

Stripper fishing is in season right now. Check your regulations for exactly how many you can keep. Striper can be found in the middle or upper bay and have began to come in. Even reports from Buckroe have come in of some nice size schoolie Striper in the 20-30 inch class. Look for these fisheries to improve with some of these cooler weather fronts coming through with these North winds we are beginning to get this time of year. Striper are definitely a fun species to target this time of year. Areas such as Mobjack Bay, the York River, and some of the Eastern Shore has even started to see some good action. Get ready as the action is only going to increase and pick up, especially by the Tangier Sound areas over the next few weeks with the nice size catches.

The Virginia Beach Offshore Report has come in with decent reports of scattered Dolphin over the last few weeks.  The Swordfishing has definitely been producing some quality fish for offshore anglers targeting them. The guys out there have been doing really well during the daytime.  Try using a Hogy, a soft plastic lure for more action! They make an 18inch artificial bait, with a tandem rig, that looks like an Eel, this is one of the hottest baits being used out on the water right now.


The big Red Drum are one of the most sought after species this time of year, from Carova down to the Point, the piers and from the surf have been making the biggest headlines for catches. These areas have been reporting very consistently and will continue to improve throughout the next few weeks.

Blue Bluefish are being caught in the surf for anglers looking to target them. Pompano are still here and present in the surf.  Spanish Mackerel are also in the mix off the beaches.  Right now is that time of year for inshore species off the beaches and you can almost hit the inshore slam.

The Sound conditions have been a little challenging due to Hurricane Michael. Winds of 80 plus miles and hour were coming in the Pamlico and Albemarle Sound, and that blew a lot of fresh water and stirred things up. These conditions in the inner coastal waterways have been a little tough but anglers really working these areas have been reporting fairly successful days getting on the Speckled Trout.  Look for the Specks to pick up with each passing day. Puppy Drum are starting to move up on the flats and reports of tons of bait fish and schools of Mullet, bait balls, and even Shrimp are shoveling their way onto the flats.

Big Red Drum, Flounder, and Speckled Trout are being caught inside the Sounds. Look for things to kick back into full swing over the next week as the water clarity and conditions pick back up.

For anglers targeting the Trophy Drum from piers and the surf, using chunk bait and casting past the breakers has been the most successful.

The crew coming in off of Captain Beatson’s boat, the Cobia Killer, are wearing out the Pups on bait and corks! Gulps on corks. and mullet on bait. Solid Trout catches mixed in on topwater. To take advantage of the OBX fishery, http://www.cobiakiller.com/ is your go to guide.

Oregon Inlet offshore are coming in with quality catches of Blackfin Tunas and scattered Dolphin. Just like the VA Beach reports, the daytime Swordfish bite has been giving up the best and most catches!  Hatteras has reports of scattered Wahoo’s with a couple of Blackfin Tunas mixed in.


The Neuse River is producing some quality size Drum out on the River. With a little East Wind action, anglers were getting some good action on the popping cork. The Striper bite is really starting to pick up with the cooler weather, giving anglers a run for their money with this fun fighting fish!

FishIBX out of Eastern North Carolina is now gearing you and your family up with rentals! If you want a host or to design your own outing, they’ve got you covered. Capt. Blake Mitchell specializes in the pursuit of high volume fisheries. He’s got you covered for your inshore action. http://www.easternncfishingguide.com/

This fall season is going off all down the East Coast, grab your gear and get out and fish! For tips and vids, check out our 1Fish2Fish YouTube Channel!

-Kristi Anderson






Kristi Anderson

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