Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report September 3, 2018

Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Virginia Beach, Outer Banks & Eastern North Carolina


Puppy Drum fishing has been improving for both Lynnhaven and Rudee Inlet with reports of schooling fish where anglers have caught of up to 10 plus when they locate the school. These are slot to under slot fish but reports have begun to come in of over slot Drum in both fisheries.  Larger Spot have also been reported inside the inlets and along the piers.

Look for Speckled Trout action to improve over the next few months.  It will be interesting to see what number and size Speckled Trout we will see due to the fish kill we had this past winter.  However, reports have come in of quality fish, but we have yet to see what that the fishery holds this season due to scattered fish being caught. One of the more popular fisheries for Speckled Trout is the Mobjack Bay and is giving up quality fish.  This fishery is located on the western shore of Chesapeake Bay in Virginia for anglers looking to try out a new area!

The Chesapeake Bay action is only getting better for anglers gearing up for the Fall! As the Summer is winding down there’s still a lot of solid catches happening on the daily. The hottest bite right now are the Cobia coming out of the Bay.  The Cobia can be targeted leaving the bay and found around the buoys, and just about anything that’s floating including Rays and Turtles.

Big Spanish Mackerel are now coming out of the channels and can be targeted by the oceanfront.  Anglers are having a lot of success hooking up to King Mackerels, most being caught off Sandbridge and at the Light Tower.

Good Flounder action can be found at the 4th Island and High Rise along with all the nearshore wrecks.

Offshore fishing Virginia Beach can produce a variety of different species for anglers. There are also many Blue and White Marlin that move through during the summer months, along with the Mahi-mahi, giving offshore boaters a reason to keep coming back.

This past week, small Dolphin were caught from the Light Tower to the Triangle Wrecks.  White Marlin and Wahoo fishing are starting to pick up near the Canyons and is always a popular past time.

Anglers have been hitting the docks with quality meat hauls and some exhausted anglers!


North Carolina is still holding its own this Summer with quality catches of Spanish Mackerel. Straight out of Nags Head, Spanish up to 3 lbs on #2 planers with Clark Spoons and “bowed up spoons”, made by “Bowed Up” has been producing the most action.  Pink and white color seem to be giving up the most fish.  For the best trolling set up, troll a 2 oz. inline sinker with a 20 lb. leader, 25 to 30 ft. in length, the longer the better.  Standing trolling speed at 7 knots.

Sight casting big Drum on the oceanside has really paid off over the last couple of weeks, with success coming from patience, long days, and a little luck. Captain Aaron Beatson http://www.cobiakiller.com/ said any Meathog Bucktail will get it done.

Capt. Aaron also had success getting on Cobia as they were spotted around Nags Head.  Again, “Meathog” jigs get it done every time!


Conditions on the Neuse River are improving as it was a slower start to the season due to extreme rainfall. This year produced greater than normal rainfall which has effected the success of this fishery until the last month when things turned right around!

Expect the next 3-5 weeks to be the best season for Trophy Drum on the Neuse River, with somedays catches in the double digits.  The most popular set up this year that has proved most successful is a popping cork with a Sexy Mullet Paddle Tail or White Color by Z-man, under a Blabber Mouth Popping Cork.

When looking for these fish, look for schools of bait, specifically Mullet and Menhaden, working birds, and signs of bait anywhere from 3-4 feet of water to the middle of the river.

The most consistent areas have been drop-offs and main channel points, 300 to 500 yards off shore in the upper Neuse.

The Neuse River is one of the most exciting and underrated Trophy Drum fisheries around. Keep in mind it’s a searching game and it’s quality over quantity. Keep casting and working areas that have indications of life and you’ll be sure to reel in an Old Drum of a lifetime!

For anglers looking to get on the inshore slam, Flounder fishing has steadily improved and will continue to improve through late Summer and peek Fall to late Fall.  Speckled Trout catches have also been significantly improving with quality fish catches upwards of 20 inch plus.  Puppy Drum fishing is also improving and will continue to improve through September and October.  For these species, you will want to work docks, grass lines, and structure inside of creek areas to target these fish.

For the best of Trophy Drum season, you’ll want to check out Captain Mitchell Blake at Fish IBX! http://www.easternncfishingguide.com/captain-mitchell-blake/.

We would love to featured YOU here, send us your best catches to CatchFish.USA@gmail.com!

-Kristi Anderson