The 4 Best Fishing Knots

Kristi put in hours on this tutorial to show you how to tie the 4 best and most essential fishing knots. The Palomar, Improved Clinch Knot, Snell, and the Double Uni are a solid basis for any angler- beginner or expert to know. Kristi chose these 4 knots because each has its specific application for fishing. For instance the Double Uni knot allows you to connect 2 lines together and the Snell knot for fishing for large game fish – the Palomar and Clinch are a ‘GO-TO’ for any angler tying on lures or hooks for most all applications. Kristi explains how to tie and does so with excellent camera angles so that you learn easily and effectively. The 4 knots that are the best foundation and application for each are: Palomar Knot: Tough knot that is easy to tie and effective for most all lures and hooks Improved Clinch Knot: One of the most basic and easiest knots that is also used where the Palomar cannot be used Snell Knot: An excellent knot when fishing for big game fish with large hooks and large baits Double Uni: Used to connect braid to your leader. An essential knot for most applications

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